A number so large, it can only be described as a 1 followed by an infinite line of zeros. Since it is an infinitely large number, some would argue that it is in fact infinity, but infinity is an abstract concept that cannot be defined as even or odd, while infinitillion is very much even because it can be divided by 2 an infinite amount of times and remain an integer.
You may wish for a gazillion dollars, but I wish for one infinitillion dollars
by Anonumerical December 4, 2020
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The largest number, which comes just before infinity.
'The edge of space is an unfathomable distance: infinitillion light years away from Earth.'
by DianaLuciusDeCollis July 5, 2022
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A massive onslaught of smacks across the face like no ones business!
Shaniqua used up her sisters tampons, so Shaniqua's sister Infinitillion Smacked Shaniqua across the face.
by Kazuka/TheJester April 18, 2005
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