96 definition by Annie

Someone who knows a really cool person named Annie.
Anton is a deadyorba
by annie August 01, 2003

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a homosexual japanese
I almost got poked by a sachio
by Annie March 31, 2005

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not only doesnt lil jon only say yeeaaaaah wuuutttttttt oooooooookay and letssss gooooo there is the occasional WAATCHHHH OUTTTTTTTT
the guy prob got paid 1 mill dollars to sing in the yeah song with usher and all he says is 5 words over and over!!!!
by Annie May 10, 2004

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A social get-together that involved the auctioning off of boxed lunches/dinners prepared by the women. A potential sweetheart might let her man of choice know how she had decorated the box she prepared so that he would be the one who would successfully bid on it. He who bought the lunch would share the meal wiht the one who prepared it.
Betsy decorated her boxed lunch with daisies, in hope that Sven would bid on it at the box social.
by annie January 18, 2004

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a hand-help pocket gypsy
"she got herself a nice little guimpe"
by Annie February 21, 2005

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Used to describe a musician who plays in a public area (ie, a show or party) with a number of other musicians; together, they improvise, or jam and it sounds beautiful!
One of the most creative and wonderful practices EVER, jamming is usually assciated with eclectic rock or jazz. Jammers are godlike.
Dude, check out that jammer! He's not following any music and it still sounds awesome!
by annie July 24, 2004

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a straw that is chew up at one end, bent down to form the head, and flicked to annoy others; also dances to techno music
Regie...I-I love you...
by Annie December 30, 2003

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