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Angry Parent Rock, as it is deceptively called, actually has nothing to do with rock. It has a lot to do with screaming whiney bastards yelling about how angry they are at their parents. This style of music has been made popular by such bands as Linkin Park.
Angry parent rock originated when stupid band members were finally allowed to write their own songs by their agents and managers. These band members, having the brain power of a 92 year old that has been dead for the last ten years, ended up writing an album or in some cases two or three with all songs consisting of no more than two chords and vocals with a mildly abrasive voice saying how disappointed he was in his father.
song writer 1: hey what if we did a song and the guitar went 'BAAAAAAAAA' then 'WAAAAAAAAA' 'WAAAAAAAA' then back into a 'BAAAAAA'
song writer 2: yeah that is sooooo cool and ill sing "FATHER YOU MAKE ME ANGRY. WHY WONT YOU DIE AND BURN!!!!"
song writer 1: (crying) oh why won't father support my music career.
by AngryLiam March 15, 2005

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An alternate name for the 'Aldi' chain of supermarkets that are used to invade other countries through non-military means and hijack the local economy
"Welcome to Aldi, come for the low prices, stay for the genocide"
by AngryLiam March 13, 2005

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1) A variation on the insult Your Mother. Can be more successful than your mother because when used right can also question a mans sexuality.

2) An equally as witty comeback for Your Mother

Also see your matt
person 1: Hey, You suck
person 2: your mother
person 1: no, your father
person 2: you suck
person 1: No, your matt
by AngryLiam March 15, 2005

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A strange and frightening ritual performed by 12-16 year old n00bs online and at LANs that, in many cases, dates back further than the n00bs taking part in it.

In this strange ritual the 12-16 year old n00bs play a primitive form of computer game called 'counterstrike' they break in to two teams named the 'terrorists' and the 'counter terrorists' and attempt to achieve the objective while the other team tries top stop them.

To add to the mystery of this primitive ritual all players in the game spout some form of intangible language that cannot be understood by an outside observer. It is not uncommon to hear such phrases as "i pwnzed j00" "j00 sux0r j00 fkn n00b" "j00 fkn ch34t ill pwnx0r j00r base j00 fkn n00b" and "1 r t3h 1337357!111!!!!11!!1".

When not in the act of playing counterstrike these n00bs hang out in IRC channels where they practice their ancient language and flame anyone who enters from a rival team or clan. If you were to ever join one of these channels you would almost instantly have your sexuality challenged, as this is the biggest insult in the '1337' language.
terrorist: h34d5h0t!1!!!1 j00 R pwnd n00b D13!!!!!1!!
counter terrorist: j00 a1m bot u51ng ch437 n00b, 1 ownx0r j00 b0x0r 1 fkn k1ll j00 n00b
terrorist: 5|-|u7 |_| j00 f4g j00 g0t pwnd!!!
counter terrorist: Ya Mum
by AngryLiam March 14, 2005

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1) A stick used in sexual intercourse, whether consensual or non-consensual. The fornicating stick is most commonly used in orifices such as the anus and ear.

2) A metaphoric stick with which people are 'raped' with by being badly beaten in a computer game.

1) deeper.. deeper.. too deep! too deep! owww my hearing

2) Dude you got owned, with a stick!!!
now bend over so i may fornicate you.
by AngryLiam March 15, 2005

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Your Mother is the meaningless and effortless insult for the 'classy' kind of person
'Your Mother' can be used rather than using such low-browed expressions as 'ya mum' or 'yo momma'
person 1: hahaha OWNED! i slash on your face! woo hoo golden shower! lol!
person 2: ya mum
person 1: no, your mother
by AngryLiam March 15, 2005

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Also see Hitlermart
A chain of German supermarkets, owned by Hitler to infiltrate other countries with the goal of eventually taking over the world.
"Aldi - Where the prices are cheap because we use slave labour and make our products out of concentration camp left overs"
by AngryLiam March 14, 2005

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