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3.5 grams of marijuana. These other definitions are absolutely false. 3.5 grams * 8 (hence the name 'eighter') = 28 grams. A true ounce is actually 28.3495231 grams, and some European countries use 31.103 476 grams for an ounce.
I'm thinkin what to do... I know! I'll buy an eighter! 'den shmoke it. Werd.
by Androp September 28, 2006

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noun: a portion of marijuana somewhat compacted to fit into the bowl of a bong. The size of a bongload can range as small as a bee and as large as a couple pieces of chewing gum.

(If the bowl is overflowing with marijuana, you must call it a domer)
Pack me a bongload, Pancho, for my bong needs loading.
by Androp July 25, 2006

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a container, usually a glass mason jar, that is used to hold high quality marijuana. the marijuana within also takes on the 'dank tank' as its primary nam.
Pancho! I just got some Dank Tank get ready like what!
by Androp September 24, 2006

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formal definition: one gram of marijuana costing $20.

other uses: often used to refer to sack (of any size) costing $20. and sometimes to refer to a 20 dollar bill.
Pancho's been paying a twamp for them twamps. Guess no one told him 'bout them eighters or better yet them nor cal half eighters at a 20 spot. fool needa recanize.
by Androp September 24, 2006

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one sixteenth of an ounce of marijuana. a very popular sack in northern california, usually costing $20-$25. jealous?
Hmm... not enough for an eighter... what to do. *idea* Half eighter! werd.
by Androp September 24, 2006

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The usual definition: During anal sex the man punches the woman to tighten up her butt.

The untold rendition of 'donkey punch': A guy is having sex with a girl doggie style (vaginally). Without a single warning, he pulls out and puts it in her butt. When she turns her head around to say 'what the fuck?', he socks her in the back of the head and she shits on his dick.
Have you heard the new way to break up with a girl? Ya, it's called 'donkey punch'. Cuz then you can tell everyone she shat on your cack.
by Androp July 24, 2006

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