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dressed like a skank.(ie: revealing, tight, like a prostitute)
guy: 'see that girl over there? she's hot.'
girl: "r u stupid? look how scantily clad she is."
by Andrea;) June 06, 2004
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get naked

see naked
get shucked hunny.
by Andrea;) June 01, 2004
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its an abbreviation of awkward. I first heard it one 102.1 the edge on Barry Taylor's show.
guy one: did you hear? Steff has an STD!?
guy 2: oh shit, and i was gonna fuck her silly too...
guy 3 walks up: Guys Guess what? I FUCKED STEF LAST NITE!
guys 1 and 2: awk....
by Andrea;) October 27, 2004
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a flaming homosexual, usually a whiteboy who dresses in preppy clothing, and refuses to listen to people tellin them they r as gay as the queer folk on 'queer eye for the straight guy'.
WOW! that guy over there is such a flamer!
by Andrea;) May 31, 2004
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