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To lick another's asshole in a manner that resembles a dart repeatedly stabbing their ass.
I surprised my ho in bed when I stopped licking her pussy and gave her a fartbox tongue dart in the pooper.
by Anal Czar September 09, 2010
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Watermelon flavor yogurt.
Hey Jamal, this niggurt is da bomb--is that watermelon Kool-Aid I taste? I wish they made a fried chicken flavor too!
by Anal Czar October 22, 2010
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A nigger's bloodline specifically relating to their level of usefulness.
Whoh there Carl, don't go buying you that model cotton-picker. It's got a bum hoof and looks particularly lazy like it's gotta touch of niggeritis. Must come from bad nigger stock.
by Anal Czar November 02, 2010
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A population of negroids living in a niggeropolis (*see definition for niggeropolis).
My coonmunity has 10 Popeye's, daily drive-by shootings, nobody works except hookers and dealers, and everyone's on welfare.
by Anal Czar October 13, 2010
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A strong unnatural attraction to African Americans.
That mud shark is known for her niggerphilia towards the brothers at the club. She is one notorious niggerphiliac.
by Anal Czar October 07, 2010
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When two lesbians are going at it so hard that they work up a froth of sweat, spit, and vaginal juices.
Sally and Sherry made up a hot bowl of lesbian soup after the sex toys exhibition.
by Anal Czar October 03, 2010
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To accidentally deficate when reaching orgasm via g-spot stimulation through anal sex.
I was really pounding Julie's fart box furiously when the whore poopjaculated on my cock.
by Anal Czar September 07, 2010
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