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An overlarge or ungainly slice or hunk of something, esp. food. From the Sylvia Plath novel "The Bell Jar." Believed to be derived from "wedge," n.
Hey Momma, serve me up another wodge of your delicious pecan pie!
by Amos the Puppyfucker May 23, 2009
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v.: to masturbate while eavesdropping on another person or persons having sex. (A fusion of: "eavesdrop", Eng., to listen secretly upon another; and "masturbate", Eng., to pleasure oneself sexually).
I'm pretty sure my creepy roommate eavesturbates on me and Zelda when we're fucking.
by Amos the Puppyfucker July 23, 2010
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(doo-FWAHZ); fem. of doofus. A slow-witted, clumsy, frivolous or otherwise ridiculous female. A broad who doesn't have a clue.
If Cosmo Kramer were a woman, she would be a hipster dufoise.
by Amos the Puppyfucker May 23, 2009
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n. A fusion of "crap," (Eng.: feces) and "amplitude" (Eng.: ); a conceptual expression of a general amount or degree of low quality (e.g., in an item, activity or experience); awfulness, miserableness, dullness or inferiority. Usually ironical.
When the furry chick asked me to name my favorite Billy Joel record, I knew that this party was going to max out my tolerance for crapitude.
by Amos the Puppyfucker July 09, 2010
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1 : a number of unspecified additional persons or things; an informal form of "etcetera", denoting the continuance of a list or sequence;
2 : and so forth; unknown or undescribed information; denoting additional information that the speaker either does not know or assumes is understood from context.
1: We went to the zoo today and saw lions and tigers and bears n' shit.

2: I don't know what her fucking problem is today. It must be stress from the wedding n' shit.
by Amos the Puppyfucker August 27, 2010
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n., 1) an unattractive or undesirable woman with whom one has a surprisingly energetic or satisfying sexual experience. Intended as complimentary; 2) also, the sexual experience itself. (After Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian revolutionary and paramilitary leader who conquered Sicily and the defeated the Kingdom of Naples with only 1,000 ill-equipped troops. Also refers to n., "bald", poss. pertaining to a shaved female pubic region.)
Ethel is no hottie but she's a garibaldi in the sack.

What are you up to tonight, Bob? Trawling for a garibaldi at the club?
by Amos the Puppyfucker July 11, 2010
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