1. A lovely biscuit treat
2. A replacement for any word that you forget the name of
3. A replacement for words commonly associated with curses
get out of my room you garibaldi
where did i put my garibaldi
whats that garibaldi like program on...
by Chav hacks March 16, 2008
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n., 1) an unattractive or undesirable woman with whom one has a surprisingly energetic or satisfying sexual experience. Intended as complimentary; 2) also, the sexual experience itself. (After Giuseppe Garibaldi, Italian revolutionary and paramilitary leader who conquered Sicily and the defeated the Kingdom of Naples with only 1,000 ill-equipped troops. Also refers to n., "bald", poss. pertaining to a shaved female pubic region.)
Ethel is no hottie but she's a garibaldi in the sack.

What are you up to tonight, Bob? Trawling for a garibaldi at the club?
by Amos the Puppyfucker July 11, 2010
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