Amerikaner is a YouTuber notorious for his Mordecai and Rigby smokes weed video, which is where I found him. Though, he's also known for all his smoke weed videos.

He's a chill and hilarious YouTuber in general. In community posts, he has pretend beef with a YouTuber by the name of Colaws.

Colaws W though
L kaner
Person 1: "Look at this funni video"
Person 2: "Ha, that's funny, who's it made by? "
Person 1: "Some guy named Amerikaner"
Person 2: "Damn, that's a shitty name. "
by sillytomfoolery June 27, 2022
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A person who still believes in original Enlightenment thought including feedom of speech and expression, along with forming opinions based on reason like Thomas Paine and Voltaire
People get offended so easily now. The alt-right and antifa are dumbing down all of America. The original Amerikaner ideas are under attack by all sides.
by Vorster May 11, 2018
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A Norwegian phrase for fucking American often used on tourists who come to Norway.
Norwegian: We went to the coffee shop the other day only to have a bunch of Jævlig Amerikaner come in being loud and annoying.

Dane: Oh, that sucks. At least they're better then swedes.
by the man 1.0.0 May 18, 2017
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A southern California punk band that not only rocks, but doesn't care a thing about shit, including you're stupid face.
Those Amerikan Made guys rocked the house, and then they beat my ass.
by Ernie Oi August 18, 2004
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Somebody who tryna steel yo bread, who just happens to be American and damned.
Why you steelin' my bread fool'! Achtung, verdammt Amerikaner!
by Ellingtonsonton December 5, 2018
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New orwellian american constitution roughly outlined by George Orwells 1984 becomes reality during the Trumpian era
The orwellian amerikan constitution replaced the original constitution adopted during trumps reign and became the new norm where censorship was ok as long as Facebook or Twitter did it adhering to the new standards for freedom of speech and other constitutional rights largely resembling the dystopia book 1984
by Dgnflyinca December 3, 2020
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