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A term commonly used in the Alt-Right community for a White American. Since American whites are usually a mix of different European ancestry, yet share an American culture fundamentally different from Europe, they need an ethno/identitarian name for their people beyond just "American" which lost it's cultural and historical meaning due to the onslaught of mass-immigration from the third world.
Cuck 1: "Dude, can you believe these Amerikaners want to stop mass non-white immigration to the US, and secure their traditions, culture, religion and history for their descendants?"
Cuck 2: "Yeah dude. Fuck those Nazis."
by TheWhitestWhite March 26, 2017
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A person who still believes in original Enlightenment thought including feedom of speech and expression, along with forming opinions based on reason like Thomas Paine and Voltaire
People get offended so easily now. The alt-right and antifa are dumbing down all of America. The original Amerikaner ideas are under attack by all sides.
by Vorster June 04, 2018
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