Dirty Dan is the little bitch who keeps calling you Pinhead even when you specified that you were the real Dirty Dan. He's also the one who hit you on the head with a fucking shovel.
*Dirty Dan attacks with shovel!
*It is super effective!
*Pinhead attacks with a nail bat!
*Nothing happened
by stonedweeb December 29, 2017
The meanest bad-ass outlaw who ever walked the Seven Seas. SpongeBob SquarePants is Dirty Dan. He whacks people with shovels.
Isn't Dirty Dan the baddest outlaw of them all?!

Yah! The only one who ever came close was Pinhead Larry.
by WhoDaresWins March 9, 2010
When you titty fuck a girl with your ass on her face...
Last night I got a Dirty Dan, my face still smells like ass!
by jaydog99 January 13, 2020
The act of a male ejaculating into someone ear.
I think I lost some hearing because of the dirty dan that Steve gave me last night.
by Rexinator March 6, 2010
Citrusy alcoholic beverage made up of Mike’s Harder Lemonade and Orange Juice. Simply speaking, the easiest way to get f***** up.
I could really go for a Dirty Dan right about now.
by ao99 March 21, 2018