A emergency code telling emergency personnel to get to the emergency as fast as they can with lights and sirens
Shots fired...officer down requesting SWAT code 3.
by mattoo533 January 29, 2009
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Orders given to your mates to kill other members on the team that you dont like on gears of war.
JiR-INC: "Trig code 3 mate"
Trigger D: "Got it"
Random Team Mate: "What, code 3?"
Trigger D: "Killed him"
JiR-INC: "Nice"
by JiR-INC January 14, 2008
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After discovering your girlfriend is pregnant, you act like you are gonna give her a hug and then punch her in the stomach. A homemade abortion
I was so happy! And then Roger gave me a code 3! I wanted that kid so bad

I'm not worried about it. If she gets pregnant I'll just give her a code 3
by hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahb February 4, 2009
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Darin's coming, code 3, code 3!
by stevie September 13, 2003
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FOLIAGE...The moment of despair when ones umbrella clashes with foliage (any shrubbery including hedges, trees, and over hanging growths)
Louise: yeah so totally...this rain buggs me out!!
Scoop: yeah defo!
(walk down narrow path next to over hanging shrubs)
Louise: My umbrella!!!
Both: CODE 3!!!!!!!!!
by Lou&Scoop(aka LOOP) April 8, 2005
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A hot female has been spotted. Usually followed by a more descriptive location so that every male within earshot can come see.

Can be altered with the term Emergency, to denote a super hottie has been spotted.
Code 3, 12 o'clock, Main Lobby.

Emergency Code 3, West Wing, All hands on deck Stat.
by popejohn666 February 2, 2010
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