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HSM stands for High School Musical, which is a disney film that is highly popular among all girls 16 years of age and under.
But lets be honest - its the biggest crap ever. The main characters are Vanessa Hudgens (err... a whore) and Zac Efron (a total fag). I've watched it once and the plot has obviously been pulled out of someone's arse.
There is a lot of HSM merchandise that can be found practically in any store.
Friend: Do you like my new HSM pen?
Alice: NO ITS GAY.
by Alice-Jane August 23, 2008

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An english derived term for a common type of British citizens. They can be of any age (usually 12 through to 80), and they all smoke, do drugs and binge drink.
Female and male chavs are both quite similar, as their dressing style (tracksuit) is the same, and both genders do not work.
Below is a typical example of a conversation between two chavs.
A: Ayup, why you lose so much fat, like?
B: I just popped out another one.
A: Whos da dad?
B: Dunno.
A: OMG dat's like sooo gangsta. :L
B: Yeah man. We so gangsta.
A: So why dey call us chavs?
by Alice-Jane August 22, 2008

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If you click the random button on Urban Dictionary, Lionel Migration is more likely to come up. The random button might as well be called Lionel Migration.
A: Oh crap! Not again!
B: What?
A: Lionel Migration!
by Alice-Jane August 23, 2008

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A popular nickname for Nuneaton - the largest town in Warwickshire (but still the least famous). The whole idea of the nickname is irony, because Nuneaton is not sunny.
A: I'm moving to Sunny Nunny.
B: Where the heck's that?
A: Beats me.

A: I live in Sunny Nunny.
B: Isn't that near Stratford - where Shakespeare lived?
A: I don't know, I'm too ignorant to notice.
by Alice-Jane August 23, 2008

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Emos are usually teenagers who listen to bands such as My Chemical Romance (MCR) and Fall Out Boy (FOB). They are usually depressed and love depressing others with their daily bitching about how everything/everyone sucks. Most emos self harm.
You would find that the typical emo wears stripey or skull-patterned shirts with skinnies and converse. To match their horrific taste in clothing, their makeup is usually overdone and very dark.
Both female and male emos have a fringe covering one eye. All emo males are homosexual.
A: OMG! Do you like my new top?
B: Ew! That's so emo!

A: I hate my life!
B: Stop being such an emo!
by Alice-Jane August 22, 2008

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