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Collective noun describing activities including trimming, shaving, waxing and plucking aimed at the reduction or removal of muff.
Rachel: 'Are you going swimming today?'
Alison: 'No, I can't- I've been a bit lax on the muff management front.'
by Ali_b January 21, 2007

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A particularly inspired kind of verse written in colourful magnetic letters. Usually found on a fridge or other electrical white goods found in the kitchen. Usually composed in the early hours of the morning while under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol.
We got in fit shaced last night and did our best fridge poetry yet.
by Ali_b January 21, 2007

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Someone who acts in an idiotic manner. A twat. A wanker.
He's such a fecking knobskinner.
by Ali_b January 10, 2007

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When you double take because you think you've seen a celeb when it's only a nobody that looks very like a celeb.
Dopplegangorama! That was soooo Daniel Craig on that push bike B.T.W!
by ali_b May 03, 2007

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