15 definition by Ahmed Zidan

Something which is important, and at the same time, interesting.
A: The Idan Raichel Project have an importeresting music.

B: I'll downlaod them.
by Ahmed Zidan July 01, 2011

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The maximum alcohol blood level that you could still manage to work under its influence, or tolerate translating documents.
A: Have you finished this half JD alone?!

B: And I'm still working. I have a high translation proof.
by Ahmed Zidan July 25, 2011

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The complete works of the legendary Lebanese artist, Ziad Rahbani.
The Ziadiscography includes Ziad's solo albums, his compositions for his mother Fairuz and other notable Arabic artists, his theatrical works, radio shows, and even his creative ads.
by Ahmed Zidan January 17, 2011

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A portmanteau of monocracy and chronic syndrome. It represents any totalitarian, autocrat, or parental behaviour or action which neglects other individuals' freedom of thought, expression, or action.

It could stand also for a certain strict or orthodox way of education and upbringing which depends on brainwashing and inheritance of attitudes and thoughts from ancestors, rather than creativity and rational analysis, especially in oriental societies.
One of the main reasons behind the exclusive Islamist terrorism is the monochronic way of education and upbringing.
by Ahmed Zidan December 31, 2010

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An electronic musician
Electronicians like the Avener, Kazy Lambist, Kid Francescoli and others represent a recent wave in French electronic music.
by Ahmed Zidan July 20, 2018

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An active trend that people are talking about on social media, and especially Twitter. Twitter auto-completes it, however it's not trending just yet.
Liverpool vs Manchester United game (#LIVMUN) is still a subtrend, despite being highly entertaining.
by Ahmed Zidan September 10, 2015

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A relapse of an old trend, intentionally or otherwise.
#ALSBucketChallenge trendlapsed in 2015.
by Ahmed Zidan September 10, 2015

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