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Def 1. The word 'Thunder clap' spoken in broken down english; meaning dancehall dance-move.

Def 2. Meaning to have sex and lots of it; you can say rough sex even.
EX1. Do the electric slide, moonwalk, pon de riva, Tundaclap!

p1:yo man yuh know da hot gyal dat guh tuh Mckenzie?
p2:yea wa bout she?
p1:meh tundaclap she rass
by Acidplanet_member September 03, 2005
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A saying that is closely related to the olden term, "What ever floats your boat". Meaning whatever way you like best, do it.
woman#1: you should turn the generator to 50 khz then reroute the electropulses

woman#2: hmmm...i rather to turn the generater to 45khz and leave reroute the primary cables

woman#1: ok, whatever chunkays your dahl
by Acidplanet_member October 01, 2005
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No doubt the best rapper alive.
yo man Jay-z is sik wid it he even tops Kanye West
by Acidplanet_Member July 31, 2005
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A dj that entered the game a few years ago, and is blowing up in the underground. He mixes all types of songs and genres.
Dj Rivathan will own the underground, him, river soundcrew and tall tamil trashers soundcrew will dominate
by Acidplanet_member October 30, 2005
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To strike a powerful blow to the male genitalia; A force so strong that it might cause it to burst or collapse.
p1. Yo u seen de fight?
p2. yea i was yellin out "bust his seed" and they did
p1. ahhh dat mussa hurt poor chap, dem buss he seed good
by Acidplanet_Member October 08, 2005
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When a girl is oblivious to herself being dumb; A female who doesn't realize that her intelectual quotiant is lower than that of a little kid.
Jessica: i thought the moon was made of cheese
Nick: your such an ajbob
Jessica: whats an ajbob?
by Acidplanet_Member October 22, 2005
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The name for sandstorms in the sudanese language; also a multi-puropse word.
ex.1 During the drought seasons, you can find a strong Haboob

ex.2 Yo man that rice was a great haboob!
by Acidplanet_Member October 22, 2005
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