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1. The capacity to suppress outwards signs or expressions of suffering or pain, either emotional or physical as an act of inner strength or to appear to possess strength of character.

NOTE: Gamman is a Japanese cultural trait and is considered untranslatable.
noun: Caleb mustered gamman to not shed a tear when the doctor gave his dislocated shoulder a quick yank.

Travis used gamman to maintan a stiff upper lip when his girlfriend confessed to being unfaithful to him.
by Achilles Murat II October 27, 2011

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noun: 1. Pretentious and empty language 2. Language spoken from one's ass.
At the party, Roderick tried in vain to impress the guests, speaking vacuously and boorishly in his native tongue, analinguish.
by Achilles Murat II October 28, 2011

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verb: 1. To speak out of one's ass. 2. To speak, utilizing jargon and needlessly difficult diction, especially when the speaker of such language is pretentious and ignorant about the matter of which he is speaking.

noun: 1. A person who speaks out of his ass. 2. A person who speaks using high-sounding language but is ignorant about which he or she is speaking.
1. Danny would analinguate ceaselessly about the grand architecture of music without knowing the first thing about it.

2. Hubert hadn't read the assigned reading so he was prepared to analinguate if asked to give a summary about.
by Achilles Murat II October 27, 2011

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noun: 1. A hybrid of the words "verbal", or "verbiage", and "kiss". 2. A spoken, written, typed, or printed message containing amorous desire or intent 3. A spoken message, as in a voicemail, or written message that states the writer's desire to kiss the recipient. 4.. A flirtatious note or letter. 5. A flirtatious voicemail. 6. A love letter.

NOTE: Verbiss is synonymous with viss.
William emailed a verbiss to Alexandria that made her skin hot and body flush.
by Achilles Murat II November 08, 2011

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noun: 1. A wrestling game for a couple, whose object is to be the first player who sticks, or shoves, his or her middle finger in the opponent's anus, and exclaims "Splooot!" while making the winning move. 2. The exclamation of "Splooot!"

verb: 1. To play a game of Splooot. 2. To make the winning move in a game of Splooot.

NOTE: The winner is rewarded with one sexual favor he or she so desires from the loser, and the loser must comply with the winner's demand.
Example: Bruce soon discovered that he was disadvantaged playing a round of Splooot with Marta, an Olympian athlete.
by Achilles Murat II October 27, 2011

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1. Flirtation in the form of text, as in an email, as a substitute for physical fulfillment of romantic and/or sexual yearning.

2. The capacity to arouse or entice another person romantically and/or sexually, specifically through text, as in an email.

3. The state or quality of being romantically and/or sexually aroused or enticed by another person's use of written words, as in an email.

4. The possession of sexual character or potency as expressed written words.

5. Preoccupation with or involvement in sexual matters through the use of words.

6. The condition of being characterized and distinguished by sex through the written word.

Note: Writing email replaces certain people's need for romantic and sexual yearning, for the longing to be understood and appreciated, and to hear from someone one considers "special."  The Internet provides a semi-private, if not secret, means to be intimately in touch with another person at a secure distance without the commitment of physical contact.  With the fear of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and the taboo of promiscuity, emailing provides a safe haven.
1. Through their powerful texuality, the man and woman kept their long distance relationship alive.

2. Emaiing gave the lovers a means to send letters to each other brimming with texuality without disrupting their respective marriages.

3. The boy felt lucky to have found an equal in terms of texuality: a girl on the Internet with a capacity for words as well as erotic interest.
by Achilles Murat II October 27, 2011

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noun: 1. An audition for a play, TV show, commercial, movie, musical group, or musical at which one is asked to do something peculiar.

2. A strange addition or newcomer to a group, family, company, or organization.
At the artsy-fartsy film oddition, Cheryl was asked to lie topless on a large bed of salami while men dressed with only socks on their scrotum frolicked about her and made birdlike sounds.

Trying to fit into his new, conservative family, Joe, the left-leaning orphan, felt like an oddition to the group.
by Achilles Murat II November 10, 2011

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