22 definitions by Abi

'fetch' a word from mean girls, that means 'cool.' its like slang from england.
'omg, i luv ure bracelet where did you get it?'
'my mom made it for me'
'its soo adorable'
'yes, its soo fetch'
by abi February 25, 2005
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Someone who opposes a particular war, or war in general, and protests against it. I don't want to get into whether they are right etc because thats just personal oppinions
The anti war protester marched up and down outside the mall with a sign saying 'more trees and less BUSHes'
by Abi April 29, 2004
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a compleat townie who smokes way too much. think he is really cool coz he can say the word fuck, and thinks every girl wants to sleep with him!
F**K you, you B*tch, i hate you
by abi October 22, 2004
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a great band and if anyone has a problem with them we don't want to hear it, we like them so get lost. my friends dad said that chemical romance could also mean my love for drugs.
just listen to there albums...
by abi April 01, 2005
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Means laugh out loud.
'He looks so wierd'
by abi March 20, 2005
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kool is a better way of spellin cool because it is spelt with a K so it looks better aswell!
people who spell it with a C are very stupid and boring!
wow the concert was so kool!
by abi January 29, 2005
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a bunch of twats who go round chelmsford town centre in matchin clothes, trainers n caps n fink they'r proper ard, wen they reeli aint- fkin pussies!!!
mickey kerr, iain horn
by Abi January 18, 2004
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