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A city of Cows
A subherb of Los Angeles known for their extensive korean population and huge library
Lets go to Cerritos to get some korean biznatches andsome bul-gogi
by ABI April 10, 2006
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cerritos is a middle high to high class suburban town in some part of la county. its considered one of the best cities in la. cerritos is famed for its beautiful designs and fountains. the city has a huge modern library with crazy pretty fountains outside. the waterfalls built around the city add to its splendor. cerritos is the home to the number one school in california, whitney high school. this city has its own mall, the los cerritos mall, and its own auto square. cerritos is actually richer than cities like beverly hills and such. overall, a good place to live. filled with rich asians carrying around lv and gucci.
"i live in cerritos, and im loving it!"

"aw, youre sooo lucky. id totally move there if i could!"
by kandys November 30, 2007
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A small city in Southern California that is overruled by the Asian race and where almost all of the white people have been driven out. Few white people still reside, but the ones that do are slowly getting infected with the Asian culture. Anime freaks and smelly food are everywhere in this city, and not to mention there isn't a house you can find that doesn't have a dog. The people in charge of this city must be complete idiots, because they spent millions of dollars on a freaking library, and don't really seem to give a rat's ass about anything not related to education. Dumb people are not usually welcome here, as Cerritos is obsessed with their education and school system. Schools are filled with nerds and bookworms, while the high school football team can barely win a game. Half the people who live in Cerritos can't seem to speak English, and if you are not of Asian descent, you tend to feel not welcomed in lots of places. Cerritos is very strict also and you can not even park your own car in certain places near your house. Another thing, the people here are generally annoying, and the people of Asian descent can sometimes be very unfriendly to other races.

However, there are some good things about Cerritos. It is a beautiful city, very well taken care of, and you won't find a better sports/youth program anywhere else for kids. There are plenty of major brand company stores around, and there is even a huge town center with its own theater. You never have to worry about crime or bad things in Cerritos, because it is a very peaceful city. All of the schools have safe campuses and decent people.

Overall, if you're not Asian, I would consider living somewhere else, because this city isn't geared towards other races. But, if you have to live here, it aint that bad of a place, and it sure is a helluva lot better than living in the ghetto, or hell, living with a bunch of white people who don't know what race they want to be, AKA wiggers, White posers.
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by Whitey of Cerritos August 02, 2008
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