A city of Cows
A subherb of Los Angeles known for their extensive korean population and huge library
Lets go to Cerritos to get some korean biznatches andsome bul-gogi
by ABI April 11, 2006
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cerritos is a middle high to high class suburban town in some part of la county. its considered one of the best cities in la. cerritos is famed for its beautiful designs and fountains. the city has a huge modern library with crazy pretty fountains outside. the waterfalls built around the city add to its splendor. cerritos is the home to the number one school in california, whitney high school. this city has its own mall, the los cerritos mall, and its own auto square. cerritos is actually richer than cities like beverly hills and such. overall, a good place to live. filled with rich asians carrying around lv and gucci.
"i live in cerritos, and im loving it!"

"aw, youre sooo lucky. id totally move there if i could!"
by kandys December 1, 2007
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A town in San Francisco Bay Area in California, located in between Richmond (to the north) and Berkeley (to the south). That being said, the combination of people usually varies between ghetto kids and stoners, at least in the younger generation. The area consists of the flatlands (where El Cerrito High, the Plaza, the Cerrito Theater, Nations, etc. are located) and the hills, which is the more residential area. Most people who live in El Cerrito are quite liberal, though not as much as Berkeley. A lot of people smoke weed.
"Man, everybody in El Cerrito smoke weed!"
by ececec February 17, 2010
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Cerritos College is a community college located in Norwalk, California. It was founded in 1955, and it has an attendence of about 23,000 students.

The long and short of it is that, all of the classes are on wait list, no exceptions. Everything in the bookstore is horribly expensive. The clubs are weird. The arcade games are too expensive, the only good one is Guilty Gear Isuka. Two of their classroom buildings are painted in weird colors, almost as if they were done on a dare. The Wi-Fi in the library is too slow.

Dudes with long hair are regarded as uber cool, and the same applies to dudettes with short hair.

Nobody really knows why, but everyone seems to roll with it, like the sheeple that they are.

And finally, they bring in free In-n-Out Burgers for everyone at the start of the semester. They're quite yummy actually.
Dudette: "Hey, is it true that there aren't any cute people at Cerritos College?"
Dude: "Umm... no? Who told you that?"
Dudette: "Mmm... Noone." :D
Dude: "Oh hey, did you want to come with me to buy textbooks?"
Dudette: "I wanted to... but look at those lines, there's even a line to get in!"
Dude: "Oh don't worry, It just looks crowded. It shouldn't take more than an hour."
Dudette: "Oh alright then." :)
by dude with short hair :'( January 4, 2011
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Ghetto-ass community college that is so broke and with no cute ppl (except for us).
If you are ugly you go to Cerritos College.
by C & B February 9, 2004
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A high school located in the city of cerritos. More than 70% of the students are Asians. Filled with students who are rich and only wear expensive clothing. Has your typical Anime kids, skaters, stoners, hypebeast, and kids who are pressured by their parents to have no social life in order to get good grades. Rival schools are Gahr High School and Artesia High School.
Sally: What school Do you go to ?
Jim: Cerritos High School
Sally: That's cool
by damp69 February 19, 2019
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