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Witless MSM rubes who never were exposed to NBC Warfare (Nuclear Biological Chemical) training and believe because liars in their media and government told them masks do something beneficial believe it. In actuality it does nothing but lower your exposure to blood spray and spit which goes directly thru ALL masks after a short frame of time. No face shield or mask stops any air borne pathigens from entering your body, ever. Proven military warfare training fact. These people still with no right of reason will scream and yell at people who know better when everyone of us has already been exposed to whatever virus they believe they are defeating as they can't even comprehend basic public human interaction and hygiene.

A group of people who will believe anything told to them on t.v. or by the government. Even when a science proves different and the military and 30 countries won't accept it.
A group of moronic Maskholes came up to me today trying to scream about how I wasn't wearing a mask. When I told them that they didn't understand basic elementary anatomy and physiology and the diameter of viral pathinogens they lost their proverbial shit. They also got every virus and bacteria in a 10ft radius coughed on them by their partners "Ted" and "Karen" because it was absorbed straight thru all their masks.

Fcking stupid Maskholes.

Morons who attempt to call people who DONT WEAR A MASK "Maskholes" when they clearly never had one to begin with...thanks for playkng. You wear it in your car if it makes you feel better.

The real enemy isn't the anti-maskers or the Maskholes. It's the fools taking a mutegenetic shot who will end society. There is a reason they didn't test it on animals, it's because it killed them all the first time they tried it. But you go right ahead. We'll sit over here and live, dumbass.
by ARsithuldore April 6, 2021
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Brainwashed tools; useless idiots; Useful idiots; fool; pseudo-intellectuals; quacks.
1. A person or persons who can't research valid medical white papers aka medical facts proving wearing a mask can't stop any viral or bacterial infection, ever. They infact, often promote them when worn constantly and want to impose their lies and ignorance on others.
2. A person(s) who believes anything they hear from MSM and "medical looking people" (many of whom create drugs that kill and maim thousands of people, intentionally) used to promote narratives that are designed to control "sheeple" thru lies and medical quackery.
3. Total jerks, "assholes" who don't mind their own business who are wearing masks themselves so they should be "protected". In doing so being a racist, fool, virtue signaling, gas lighting asshat becomes "socially acceptable" to other "M-ass-kholes" around them. Usually involves mobile phone videos/false shaming.
4. Government and authority figures who use draconian laws to pretend their made up mask "laws" to control a free societies citizenry, religious groups, jobs, business are a lawful order when it is completely ILLEGAL and or an unConstitutional act.
I was riding the bus when these "M-ass-kholes" came up to me wearing three masks each saying, "You are placing us all in 'danger'. "
by ARsithuldore March 5, 2021
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When you're so ugly your face will make a Freight Train take a dirt road.
Bro. My girlfriend can pull nice head but her face would make a Freight Train take a dirt road.

My grandma said Marie's face would make a Freight Train take a dirt road, then a dirt NAP.
by ARsithuldore April 6, 2021
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A forum hater who tries to combine two words into one to belittle a person and "gas light" others into attacking them due to partisan ideas or political bullcrap. Especially young leftist fascists.
I just had this communist "Whistle Pig" me on a Reddit forum because they thought their friends would read it and come slay me like the police, in literal fashion.

This douche just tried to "Whistle Pig" me on a post and utterly failed.
by ARsithuldore April 6, 2021
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