The replacement for Fucking to be used as needed.
Person 1: Ahh shit, my head hurts like a fcking bitch because of this hangover.

Person 2: You forgot the "u" when you said fucking, bro.

Person 1: Stfu.
by I Eat Rocks January 5, 2010
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A term used when someone is too much of a pussy to say Fucking
"Fcking A"

"Dude careful, my mom may be listening "
by WHAAAALE December 20, 2016
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found dressed in designer clothing from head to toe because nothing but michael kors is acceptable. kissing like a fish is a turn on. listens to white panda because its the only acceptable band to listen to. iphone 4 thats whats gucci. hairy asses tiny dicks and big egos are very common among the fucking boys. typically found at la fitness or hotel sardis because he initiates. the most important trait is to try to get as many girls as possible but failing at it cause lets face it if your a fcking boy your not hot.
"Trust me" "Want some brewskis for the road" "BIGG BLUEEE" are catchphrases of the fcking boys
by LazyLacksLover January 22, 2012
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