Similar to fuckery. On a much larger scale dealing with morals, values and the bottom line, quackery is fuckery but infinitely worse.
Vannessia: The quackery has got to stop!
Victorea: I know, right! Have you guys seen the signs that have been popping up in local parks?
William: Dude, I have! They all give detailed info about why you shouldn't feed the ducks!
Bianca: Well, we should still go look at the ducks and hang out with them because they are just so cute and innocent.
Micheal: I totally agree, we will still hang out with the ducks. We just can't feed them.
by PineappleJuice March 21, 2015
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When more than one person or a group of people are being hypocrites.
Girl1:stop spamming
Girl2:your spamming too much
Me: I’m not spamming as much as you fancy quackery
by Hannah bench April 14, 2020
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