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1. A rapid spinal movement, followed by a snapping of the torso and the removal of a hispanic member of the class.
by AM June 24, 2004
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A loyal,caring,comforting,and loving person who will do anything to keep you happy
The pleaseure of being happy

Is a kynesha
by AM March 13, 2017
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A word used to describe the personality of a person; steeze is to personality as hott is to looks.
"That girl is ugly, but her steeze is off the charts."
by AM February 7, 2004
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A positive reference to the past when good things happend
I got fucked every night...those were the days.
by AM May 23, 2004
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The BEST GIRL in the world, she is life and I love her so much. She can make you laugh till u piss urself. Even tho she goes to MVP thats ok we stil love her

aka: weiner
That tini girl is so hott
by AM April 23, 2005
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a 96 building project (not 6 building), forming a 6 block radius from its center in 41st avenue in between 21st street and vernon blvd in Queens NY. Currently the largest public housing complex in North America.
Im from Queensbridge, and I am still alive
by AM April 26, 2004
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Created by Kyles dad. Used to exclamate a burn.
A: So the other day my teacher told me to do my homework, and then i was all like "why don't YOU do your homework, biatch!"
B: Whaweuh!
by AM July 15, 2004
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