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created by a freind of mine means the same as crazy but it is 100 times crazier
your so craziness
shes so craziness
by AJ March 24, 2005
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Day of Defeat source. The Day of Defeat mod on the half-life 2 source engine
"dude when is dod:s coming out?"
"dod:s is never coming out!!"
by AJ March 30, 2005
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D ear
O ld
D ad's
G reat
E xperiment
My Dodge truck will kick your Ford's ass anyday!
by AJ February 7, 2005
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'Going downtown charlie brown' = giving someone oral sex.
Did Grace go downtown charlie brown with Mikey last night?
by AJ June 17, 2006
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neil peart....he has a drumset
Neil Peart is the drummer of rush, a very good band
by AJ February 17, 2005
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A great game made my AJ (see AJ in urban dictionary) in order to bring people from afar, close togeter in a virtual game.
Dubbit is a great game, i went on it at www.dubbit.co.uk.tt and its better even better than habbo!
by AJ May 25, 2004
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1. some annoying kid who reeks havoc on forums typing random messages
2. the king of randomness
by AJ December 14, 2003
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