13 definitions by A.Dodger

Is a contraction meaning 'NOT Yet'...
NATO: "We want to know when you will withdrawl from Ukraine?? You said troops would be gone last week... SO WHEN.!!"

PUTIN: "I know what I said, but N'Yet.?!?"
by A.Dodger April 1, 2022
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Riding the surf of huge tidal waves of the coronavirus.
"CORONABUNGA.!!! I've been spike-surfing my third waves of the coronavirus for the last 8 months"...
by A.Dodger October 28, 2020
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Bombed Beyond All Recognition / pronounced 'Buh-Bar'
"Boy!! did you see the news on Ukraine... a lot of cities have been BBARed.!!!
by A.Dodger March 22, 2022
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A person born during the CoVID-19 pandemic...

*Note: Applies to future #numbers of numeral designations forthcoming
> Pandemby-26, 32, 35, etc., etc...
"I'm a Pandemby-19, I was born during the CoVID-19 coronavirus of 2020."...
by A.Dodger May 15, 2020
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Is when bite your tongue or/and lip while eating any typical snack food....
"Max how did you get that swollen tongue?"

"I was eating a bunch of junk food while watching baseball, and I bit my tongue causing a snackident happened....
by A.Dodger July 9, 2023
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When all goes perfectly as planned or everything is 'In line', such as securing a big in a business deal; scoring points in sporting event and all goes better than planned. Like the pasta sauce brand claims everything is "It's in There.!!" Thus when all goes much better than planned.
He scored a huge business contract, he exclaimed "Rague.!!" in the office... He sunk a 48' foot put for a birdie, he shouted "Rague.!!"... or a huge 3-point shot during a b-ball game, it's "Rague.!!"
by A.Dodger August 9, 2018
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Fools & Morons who don't think 'masks' are necessary because everyone around them is wearing masks.
"Where I go grocery shopping, there are sooo many masskholes in the store, I now go shopping at 11 o'clock at night"...
by A.Dodger July 12, 2020
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