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A traditional sport played by countryfolk in remote taverns. It entailed smashing mugs apart on you own forehead after finishing the alcoholic beverage it contained, and would be repeated until a competitor had fallen, either due to drunkeness or a brain hemorrhage, resulting in the winner shouting "KWODDLEDONK!" & obliterating the ceramic trophy on the losers skull.
"Jeff has lost the use of his whole righthand side from playing kwoddledonk last night. The fool."
by A nother April 08, 2008
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A lump of plastic which loosely resembles a guitar (not to be confused with an actual instrument), that is plugged into a wiitard. It entails gesturing wildly & breaking furniture. This is often played by spotty, prepubescent, reclusive & sub-normal humanoids that lack both the 21st chromosome or any inclination to learn the art of playing a stringed instrument.
person 1; "Oh my god that mongoloid is going to cause himself injury, he's clearly having a fit! Help me strap him down til the ambulance arrives."
person 2; "No need, he's not fitting but playing on that bloody ShuitarHero. Does anyone here have any objection to me breaking that talent-sapping fucktard-toy over my knee? No? Cool, I be back in a mo mate..."
by A nother August 24, 2008
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A sub-normal human usually devoid of the 21st chromosome, which pretend they are playing a proper guitar, by plugging in a lump of plastic & buttons to their wiitard.

Officially this piece of shite is called- Guitar Hero, & is detremental to the art of playing an actual intrument.
Ned; "I wan' play wiv da shiny fing."
Human; "Oh jeez, 'mongo' has risen, tell you what Ned- go play with the traffic. Take the wiitard & guitard with you."
by A nother August 24, 2008
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