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Name of Hebrew origin from the Semitic name "Yesha'yahu" or "Yesha'ya" meaning "The LORD saves." An Isaiah , any Isaiah is a very principled, wise man who is kindhearted, lovable and intelligent. Because of his intellect, he questions everything and loves knowledge and wisdom itself. And because of his genuine kindness and platonic love for all people, he makes no enemies, and those who aren't his friends appreciate his acquaintance. He is very handsome and of very good looks but does not just focus on his looks like trivial people do. Nevertheless, he focuses more on the morale of the heart and success and working hard to achieve his goals in life and be lucrative. He's the best person you'll meet but don't get on his bad side because he like any other human can get angry and seek revenge, and it's not pretty if an ISAIAH seeks revenge.
Person 1: "I have a crush on a boy named Isaiah."
Person 2: "Yaaassss girl, you better go talk to him. I heard people named Isaiah are the best people you can fall in love with and make love Heaven on Earth."

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A type of sexual clothing fetish that revolves around being sexually aroused by seeing one's romantic partner dressed in a T-shirt or Graphic T-shirt, or being obsessed with having erotic sexual encounters that revolves around being dressed in a T-Shirt or Graphic Tee. "Blouzaki" comes from the Greek Word for T-shirt or "small little shirt."
Person 1: I think I have this weird obsession with seeing my girlfriend wearing Graphic T-shirts, and it makes her 10x sexier and hotter when she wears them

Person 2: That's called Blouzakiphilia, its a type of very specitic clothing fetish.

Person 1: Oh shit it has a name?

Person 2: Yeah and it is very weird and unusual that you like that shit but if you like it, hey do you.
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by A Black Smartass from America April 20, 2020

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1. A straight/heterosexual girl who tends to be tomboyish in some ways by embracing masculine features and styles of dress ALONGSIDE their feminine qualities as a female; a tomboy.
2. A lesbian female who is not exactly a dyke, but who tends to embrace more masculine qualities towards their sexual/marital/romantic partner.
1. If a straight/heterosexual man dates a stud and she's straight/heterosexual as well, it can be considered a "heterosexual" relationship, and he should not be considered "gay" for dating a stud just cuz she's a tomboy or seems to act like a dyke.
2. Many lesbian girls do not like to be called "dykes" because it is derogatory and offensive if it is not taken as a term of pride or endearment, sometimes they like to be called "studs" instead.

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A person who acts and thinks highly of themself because they know how to significantly offend other people or do great damage towards other people when they get angry or want revenge, but when someone does the slightest thing to them, they cry and whine like a little bitch.

Another synonym is a glass gun. Comes from video gaming and role-playing games, when you have a character and/or weapons that have high offensive power, but weak defensive power.
Person 1: You know Katie and Chad are glass cannons, right?
Person 2: What do you mean?
Person 1: Because they hold a lot of clout and they love starting unnecessary conflict with people to slander other people and they can fight really well, like seriously they can beat your ass. But as soon as someone does one bad small thing to them, they fracture and shatter like a glass chalice.
Person 2: Oh yeah they're both weak bitches for real.
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In the context of Gospel Music, usually in the Black African-American church, soft, mellow background music (usually inspired by real Gospel and Soul music songs) that is played on a Hammond Organ or piano during a worship service in church at a time where music is not not central focus of the activity going on, but the music helps settle the peaceful mood during whatever activity is going on, such as offering, announcements, or sometimes even during the sermon.
Many Gospel musicians know how to play Talk Music in the Black Church.
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by A Black Smartass from America January 16, 2021

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