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A person within the REAL WORLD, that has no inner speech. What is depicted to the norm, as "inner-speaking" or talking within themselves, is opposite to the NPC's. They use images to process everything and usually have blank thoughts.
kids in my school can't fucking read
I try helping out a few kids because I can read

tell one of them "try sounding it out in your head before you say it"
everyone looks at me horrified
one girl says
"But anon! If you hear a voice inside your head that means it's a demon!"
"Holy shit, you are an IRL NPC"

"Just think for a second"
"I can't! I just blurt out whatever my mind tells me to!"
"Look at this Bot, literally an IRL NPC"
by 6 bohrillion September 6, 2018
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It's when wage cucks save up all their bi-weekly dollayrdoos to have a "night out on the town" with the other wage slaves that party alongside them until late, wishing they had the life of a person that can do chow (cocaine) on a Tuesday with strippers and not have to be up early for that 8am business call with boss in Shanghai.
Wagie 1: whats on the menu tonight boys?
Wagie 2: you know we always go-to bleecker St when we get our bi-weekly allowance.
Wagie 3: ya man, I love playing darts there and the guys are always hot!
Wagie 1: then let's go halfzies on a bottle at the club and get girls to drink from it!
Wagie 2: now THATS a Wagie ragie I've ever heard it.
by 6 bohrillion February 8, 2019
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During a less than felt after work activity, or function or a rather bland day where you figuretively phone the chow or party favor guy. Or respectively "making a night of it" with full send.

Dude 1: let's just grab a drink after work, we've had a long day.

Dude 2: I'm down, but I can't get crazy I got a fucking big day tomorrow.

**Takes 1 sip**

Dude 1: bro so many hot girls here, what do you wanna do?

Dude 2: you're not lying. Let's fuck shit up, call the guy
by 6 bohrillion December 5, 2018
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To lay or "chill" with a girl, but never actually have intercourse or even get to 2nd base with.
Dude 1: Hey dude, are you gonna have sex with her?

Dude 2: Nah, I'm shonning her until the sun comes up.

2nd example:

"dude what happened to you last night?"

"I went home with those girls and fucked them- "Nah you shonned them."

Example 3:

"Did he ever get to 2nd base?"

"Nah we shonned and listened to Drake"
by 6 bohrillion July 4, 2014
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The ligma star cluster L1-41DS, lies a planet uniquely named Gargolon where a mass of land creates the most beautiful speices of women. Slizzarico. Namely, the slizzericans genotype has been rumored to be the most beautiful creatures to roam the galaxy.
Alien life form 1: if my calculations are correct, this is where the slizzericans inhabit.

Alien form 2: why don't you recover a sample to make sure

Alien life form 1: you are correct, I shall do as you ask.

Alien life form 2: so go over to that hot piece of tail and buy it a drink.

Alien life form 1: I'm a balding loser, no slizzerican ever would date me.

Alien life form 2: Well shit dawg, can't argue facts my big eyed 12 handed anthropd fiendish friend. Let's go home my guy.
by 6 bohrillion December 5, 2018
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To touch, feel, participate in PDA, or dance a little "too close" to someone regardless of sexual orientation.
"Ive seen her out in public with such a bad attitude I don't want any part of that. Rather have a night out and going shon than deal with an individual like that.

I had a little extra to drink last night after our football match, I hope I didn't go full blown Shon with those lads last night.
by 6 bohrillion June 22, 2017
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