When you think you’re going to have an easy night out then you decide you need a substantial amount of drugs and need to call your go-to dealer.
Brian said he wasn’t doing any coke last night but after three beers he kept screaming “call your guy!” and we got an 8ball.
by Timmy Boom December 10, 2017
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During a less than felt after work activity, or function or a rather bland day where you figuretively phone the chow or party favor guy. Or respectively "making a night of it" with full send.

Dude 1: let's just grab a drink after work, we've had a long day.

Dude 2: I'm down, but I can't get crazy I got a fucking big day tomorrow.

**Takes 1 sip**

Dude 1: bro so many hot girls here, what do you wanna do?

Dude 2: you're not lying. Let's fuck shit up, call the guy
by 6 bohrillion December 5, 2018
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