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"You look a little bent, rancher. You come to wake some snakes?" -Ben Wade / 3:10 to Yuma
by |SaltyJack| January 12, 2019
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When powerful people give sought after jobs to their undeserving (and incompetent) family members and friends, for the purpose of social status and to help them have a superficial sense of value and self-worth; and also to others as either payback for favors or with the expectations of receiving them. Meanwhile, the people who are actually worthy of those jobs, are given no consideration and thought of as being expendable.
The Senator promised to appoint the best candidates for jobs, but as soon as he was elected, the first job he handed out was to his dipshit son. He could barely tell you his title, much less how to do the job. Nepotism in politics would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.
by |SaltyJack| January 14, 2019
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Overcoming incredible difficulties and doing remarkable things.
Ex: When a kid grows up in a bad situation without any guidance, but somehow rises above it and has a successful life; that kid hit a straight lick with a crooked stick.
by |SaltyJack| January 12, 2019
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To use excessive force to accomplish something that can be done with far less.
Break a butterfly on a wheel: Sending a SWAT team to deal with a fifteen year old kid disturbing the peace by having his music turned up too loud.

The original phrase "Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel?" was a line from the poem "Epistle to Dr Arbuthnot”, which referenced an ancient torture method known as the “breaking wheel” or “Catherine wheel”.
by |SaltyJack| August 31, 2019
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When a person allows their decisions to be dominated by someone who is clearly unfit for the role, rather than being responsible and taking control of the situation.
When parents let their children make the rules, instead of the other way around, is a prime example of the tail wagging the dog.
by |SaltyJack| December 14, 2016
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A phrase meaning to not let courage outweigh good judgment; is the potential outcome worth the risk?
Kid (10 years old): I really wanted to punch that boy for what he said dad, but I thought his parents would probably sue us, so I didn’t.
Dad: Wise decision, son. Discretion is the better part of valor. I’m proud of you. What’d the kid say that made you so mad?
Kid: He said mom was a whore.
Dad: What?!... Why didn’t you beat the shit outta that kid!!
by |SaltyJack| January 12, 2019
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