6 definitions by )'o'(

An app that rapidly clicks when you need it to. (cheaters)
autoclickers suck when you play clicker games
by )'o'( August 17, 2020
This is what you deserve. You always deserved this. This is what you will look like in the future => ('-<) <(Ouch!)
('-<) <(Ouch!)
by )'o'( March 8, 2020
Big E face when you either get a bad score on your test or your dumb.
Test: 32% 17/52
You: )'o'( )'o'( )'o'(
The whole classes test: 17/52 32%

The whole class: )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'( )'o'(
by )'o'( November 11, 2019
A short version of saying hi-bye, OUCH!!!
Guy 1 :hi
Guy 2 : hibi
by )'o'( November 20, 2019
Grandmapocalypse Grandmapocalypse Grandmapocalypse
by )'o'( August 23, 2019