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dick residue that clings to the bottom lip of the female (or male) employer after offering you a blowjob
Man: Oh yeah, OH YEAH!....Phew! That was great.
Woman: Huh? Where's the cream filling?
Man: Check your bottom lip.
Woman: Now that's the stuff. Hostess.
Man: Yeah, that's right. That dribble isn't going to eat itself.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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an extremely dangerous sex move where a man with acrobatic abilities tumbles from the air and dives down towards a sprawled out woman with the intent of successfully driving his penis down the girl's pubic landing strip and into her vagina, making her cum instantly
Announcer: And there he goes, starting off with a tumble. And he swoops down like a bird ready for the kill. And HE NAILS IT! He SUCCESSFULLY PULLS OFF THE FLYING FUCK! Just look at that girl cum.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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Short pubic stubble on a girl's vagina that has grown since the morning shave, usually seen on a prostitute after an honest day's work
Man: Rough day at work? You've got that 5 o'clock beaver.
Prostitute: Tell me about it.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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Man: Nibble nibbllllllle!
Woman: Stop teasing my nibblet.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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the brown or black crud that's made from a combination of oil, sweat, after-piss, dead dick skin, and, at times, dried up cum, that clings to the crevices of a man's scrotum as a result of not bathing for a month.
Dude: Hey man, your finger nails are dirty.
Man: Sorry dude, I just scratched myself.
Dude: Oh god, is that-
Man: Yup, dick molt.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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the phenomenon where a man scratches his gonads and then proceeds to sniff his fingers in an attempt to get high off of his own fermented dick musk. The potency of this highly addictive drug increases exponentially when a man doesn't shower or change his under wear for an insanely ridiculous amount of time.
Man: *scratch scratch scratch*...*sniff* Ah, now that's some fine dick pot. Gives you a robust yet refined musk scent straight to your brain cells.
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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an irreversible and damning side-effect of pro-hormone and pro-testosterone products, where overdosing on said products will result in men developing enlarged and overly elongated nipples that resemble dickheads.
Man: So doc, just give it to me straight. What's wrong with my titties?
Doctor: Well, have you been taking any fitness or workout enhancement products?
Man: No, not really, other than your run of the mill pro-hormone and pro-testosterone.
Doctor: I see. It seems that you have a case of the dick titties. Sadly, there is no cure for your condition. I'm afraid there is nothing I can do for you.
Man: NOOO!!!
Doctor: *stifled laugh* dick titties
by (b O_o)b June 29, 2011
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