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A bunch of pussies who smoke up because they think "I'm rich, I'm popular, and I'm high. How much sweeter could life be!?" Ironically, they generally look down upon the very people who supply them with weed, and are unable to smoke with non-waspoids.
Fuck those waspoids. I'd much rather smoke our last quarter then sell it to those bitches.
by 'sup P December 09, 2004

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To shoot with a shotgun
I'm the one who bucked all yo homies bitch whatchu gonna do?
by 'sup P December 10, 2004

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A 3-4 day crack binge where the smoker can consume up to 50 crack rocks.
I robbed a bank, bought a kilo of crack, went on a mission, then killed myself when I was done.
by 'sup P September 29, 2004

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A huge bowl that can contain a large amount of weed. Also the football championship game.
We're gonna smoke from the superbowl, then watch the superbowl!
by 'sup P September 21, 2004

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Someone who thinks they are better than the "commen people".
George Orwell (aka Eric Blair) hated intellectuals.
by 'sup P February 16, 2005

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The only place in the U.S. where people are more full of themselves than Texans.
New England is wicked had in the winta, so theyafoa I'm betta then you!
by 'sup P October 01, 2004

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