5 definitions by $mokin J.O.E

fake and non original. Try hards that will never get anywhere
(in italian accent) "hey gino!" "that george bush and the rest of his crew are fucken fougaisies"
by $mokin J.O.E October 3, 2006
the same as "contemplate" however comptonplate means that the answer is going to be no followed by violence.
(John) Hey Dave! can i pay you the money that i owe you back on friday?

(Dave) Hmmm let me comptonplate that for a second.... NO you cant! (Dave pulls out gun and shoots John) BANG!
by $mokin J.O.E September 5, 2007
Meaning brand new. Aussie slang. Aussies use the term "brand spanking new" to describe something that is fresh out the box.
"Damn peeps have you heard my new stereo?" "Yeah man it sounds brand spankers!"
by $mokin J.O.E September 28, 2007
A mafia dollar is one thousand dollars. It is so-called because a thousand dollars to a mafia member holds the same value as one dollar does to most people.
(Dave) Hey John have you got much cash on you? I need to borrow some money.

(John) Nah man i only got a mafia dollar on me sorry man
by $mokin J.O.E November 6, 2007
The coolest name that you can call your kid. Mixed with hymen and busta rhymes' name. It literally means someone that has sex with a lot of virgins.
I have a lot of sex with virgins, hence my first childs name is gonna be busta hymes.
by $mokin J.O.E September 28, 2007