5 definitions by "words"

philosophy contains an accurate opinion of ones beliefs & views of the world someone who studies philosophy is titled a philosopher seeing as the words are similar. :Ps please ad this i put good intentions and effort into this
that philosopher is now discussing the topic of what is beauty.Philosophy is and opinion
by "words" August 22, 2020
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A cowboy is a boy who rides cows and milks horses typically dog meat is the favorite food choice of a cowboy as it is very tough and lean
That cowboy just rented me a fine cow
by "words" January 09, 2021
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filled up to the neck in hackers trolls and much more perfect for destroying your mental being with rage
hey Jim i heard that bill died of multiplayer game
by "words" August 22, 2020
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The definition for an abandoned company that has stopped making products a long time ago.
by "words" January 09, 2021
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spy's are a dime a dozen backstabbers like you *throws rock at me for saying that* me "no offence"
The spy killed the other teams sniper good.
by "words" August 23, 2020
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