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A codename for cannabis.
Hey man, you fancy smoking some zebra today?
Yeah sure man, i love zebra!
by frankieee666 January 09, 2012
Refering to the referee of a sport. (i.e football, basketball, wrestling, or any sport with a black and white pin striped character in it.)
Hey Zebra, get off your knees and stop blowin the game!
by Betez February 20, 2005
a very young person with white and black hair
god this new guy in my class he's a fucking zebra
by sf123 November 22, 2010
In medicine, an obscure and unlikely diagnosis based on ordinary symptoms.
When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras.
by Erin Catherine July 10, 2008
Ze Garment zat covers ze boosom
Phil: check out Zebra on sale!
Bill: Zat is sweet
by Ryan J Johnson August 27, 2005
The Best Pens and Pencils Ever Made.
After bothering with Bic pens my whole life, I finally splurged on a Zebra.
by OT9 February 15, 2006
Severe back acne. Commonly found in adolescents. Sometimes corresponds with facial acne, but sometimes occurs completely independant of facial acne.
Trevor had a pretty severe zebra goin on his back there.
by pitz August 26, 2004