Severe back acne. Commonly found in adolescents. Sometimes corresponds with facial acne, but sometimes occurs completely independant of facial acne.
Trevor had a pretty severe zebra goin on his back there.
by pitz August 26, 2004
When a white girl has a booty of a black girl.
Damn Becky got a Zebra.
by Latin Luva March 27, 2008
If you are living in Lithuania and don't have much money at the same or live in a remote from city blocks neighbourhood, this is your primary internet provider. Well, it evolved from "Telekom", which also dealt in stationary home phones and internet.
Anyways, it was called TEO recently. To make it look cooler. I know it stands for something, but i didn;t bother to remember. Anyway, to look hip and cool and youthfull and shit, it also renamed internet from "TAKAS" (the path) to "ZEBRA" (d'uh), telephon to VOX (latint for voice) and began serving GALA digital TV. Anyway, it suck and it's not cheap.
As I was saying, internet. If you're an unlucky lad in the categories before mentioned, you'll have ZEBRA internet. If you're extremely unlucky, you'll have ZEBRA "BAZINIS" (basic) like your's truly. It's dial-up. It's from 17.00 to 8.00. It 32KB/s slow. Try playing MMO or MMORPG on that. It has extremely slow FTP server. It sucks. It rapes 39Lt/month. (about 20 bucks. To make it more american, let's just asume that you make 4K and pay 40 for net.)
So stop bitchin' about AOL.
I don't use subscribtion to "gamespot" and shit, because:
1) i don't have the money
2) My internet is ZEBRA, that is, i won't be able to finish downloads until my subscription is cancelled.
by JcDent May 02, 2007
an old-school convict, usually referred to as "Zebra-cake", due to the striped uniform that the convicts used to have, back in the good ole' days, now they've switched to orange, unfortunately!
"Yo Zebra-Cake, you betta' get yo' ass up herrr, or u gonna be wacked!"
by Irina K. November 02, 2004
A half black, half white nightmare amalgamation of species.
Megahertz (AKA Megacoon) an expert at geography and renowned watermelon taster.
by Fatila June 01, 2005
Zebra is dip drunk. Brew is to drunk as dip is to Zebra.
Hey. Look at Joe he is so Zebra.
Ya, he’s striate fucked.
by Jo Packets June 08, 2009
1. A woman (the prey) who gets slipped a drugged drink (by the predator) and is either raped or sexually harassed. A target of an attack.

When an actual zebra is preyed on, none of the other zebras in the group help the distressed animal. So the one zebra is left alone to be preyed on by the lions.
"Now Jenny, Don't be a zebra tonight..."
by MC Samtastic November 06, 2008

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