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A version of saying that you are mad at some one. Never to be used in past tenseUse only in British english.
Girlfriend: " I am cross at you because you didn't ring me the other day."
by Akil February 06, 2006
255 59
Something you nail people too.
Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross.
by Behavior08 April 27, 2006
204 163
a jamican colloquialism that indicates a person of little worth
'you nah buy dat ting for me that i aks for? CROSSES!'
by jamaicanqt April 02, 2008
27 11
A small strange stinky little guy with hair that looks like it was drawn onto him by a 3 year old.
Person A "Oh look its C. Ross"

Person B "Hi Rossy"


Person A + B "Well fuck you then, you little pissbag!!!!!!"
by Cheeky Chap October 12, 2008
17 7
In reference to the letter "X" in the word extreme, the word cross is used to describe something extreme such as an event, disruption, sport, or everyday living scenario.

*Inspired by Mountain Dew and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
..and then the other car cut in front of him and the dude did a 360 and wound up in the ditch. It was pretty cross.
by Yoshua September 17, 2007
20 21
some hectik wba biatch
that has a sik bffe
""that person is so cool''
just like c.ross and her bffe
by anonamos January 14, 2008
5 9
Become initiated in a Fraternity or Sorority.
Person 1: Hey, when did you cross Omega?

Person 2: April 27th at 6:52AM
by TheMagicalHindu January 18, 2011
13 18