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A skateboarding trick in which the skater bends his/her legs and body to one side and grabs the bottom of the board.

So called because from the front or back, the skater's pose is a similar shape to the country or Japan.
Jack did an ollie off the half-pipe and followed up with a japan, then a 360 before landing.
by Rhodoferax September 22, 2008
Somebody famous for being famous.
Paris Hilton is pseudo-famous.
by Rhodoferax October 24, 2008
The dramatic events and controversy that follow a surprising, important change, statement, or revelation.

Derived from the name for the radioactive particles that fall from the sky for some time after a nuclear explosion.
After the prime minister revealed he had been working alongside the banks in actions which precipitated the current economic crisis, there was massive fallout which resulted in a general election.

The president and cabinet were forced to resign due to the fallout after an insider leaked secret files to WikiLeaks.
by Rhodoferax January 12, 2011
Stands for Pay As You Earn.

1: A form of taxation where tax is deducted from your paycheque before you even get it.

2: In Celtic Tiger Ireland, a term of derision for people who do proper work for reasonable pay, instead of making silly money trading in stocks or property or doing weird things with money involving multiple bank accounts and mortgages.
You work as an electrician? That's a bit PAYE, isn't it?
by Rhodoferax May 29, 2012
A woman who is only romantically interested in men and whose emotional interest in women does not go beyond friendship, but who kisses and has sex with other women for fun and enjoyment.
Kevin, I have bad news! I just saw Jessica cheating on you!

What? With who?


Oh, that's OK. Jessica's a heterosexual lesbian, and we've agreed it's OK for her to sleep with other girls. Sometimes she lets me join in.
by Rhodoferax October 04, 2013
A situation in which your wages or salary is less than your day-to-day expenses.
Let's see, I make €400 a week after tax. Rent is €100, food is €50, gas is €50, insurance is €150 all told, electricity is €75...crap, negative income! Better cut back on something.
by Rhodoferax July 27, 2010
Acronym for "Sorry honey, it's Thursday." Used when someone says "TGIF" a day early.
A blonde gets into an elevator and sighs "TGIF!"

The brunette already in the elevator shakes her head and says "SHIT".

The blonde says, slowly and carefully, "T.G.I.F."

The brunette insistently says "S.H.I.T."

The blonde says "TGIF stands for 'Thank goodness it's Friday, you idiot!"

The brunette responds "I know. SHIT stands for 'sorry honey, it's Thursday'."
by Rhodoferax November 14, 2013

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