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An obscure illness, disease or condition affecting a comparatively small number of people, but with symptoms somewhat similar to one or more different and more common illnesses.

It is named because these diseases/conditions are sometimes misdiagnosed by well meaning (but often inexperienced) doctors when something far more common is actually the cause. Medical students are told "remember, if you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras".
Doctor 1 - "I think this patient may have Castleman's disease"
Doctor 2 - "Castleman's disease is a zebra, there are far more likely causes of his fever and weight loss."
by PiemasterUK December 08, 2010
1. Porn featuring midgets

2. A phrase used in jest as a proxy for anything (often, but not necessarily porn) where you want to be deliberately vague or insinuate nefarious doings without being too specific. For example you could say "this party is boring, I'm going home to watch some midget porn" meaning you have something more interesting to do but can't be bothered to describe what. Or you could tell someone with a computer virus that they need to stop looking at midget porn, meaning that they need to stop frequenting the dodgy website they got the virus from, whatever it my be.
I might finish this essy on time, if I cut back on the midget porn for a few days.
by PiemasterUK May 19, 2011
A corporate cliche meaning that the direction of a business is ultimately determined by its customers. The business is compelled to sell products and services that customers want/need, at a price they are willing to pay, and provide an acceptable level of service, otherwise customers will look elsewhere and they will not make money.

It does not, as many people believe, mean that individual customers are always right, or that the business should be compelled to pander towards the whims of these individual customers. It is only the aggregate needs of all potential customers that need to be fulfilled.
If you don't think that sandwich is worth $6 then buy lunch elsewhere. The customer is king.
by PiemasterUK January 28, 2011
To play a (usually online) computer game in the most exploitative and goal-maximising way possible, ignoring other motivations such as roleplaying, realism, sportsmanship and 'fun'. Also known as powergaming.

In some games pixelwanking is encouraged and/or necessary, while in other games, especially those with a heavy roleplay element, 'pixelwankers' are frowned upon and considered a pest. The tabletop equivelant is a Munchkin.
In this game it's easy to progress to start with, but to really reach the top you have to pixelwank like crazy.

Don't invite LordMark to our guild, he's just a pixelwanker.
by piemasteruk April 06, 2009
1. Noun
An mainstream early evening show on UK channel BBC1 covering topical issues and featuring celebrity guests.

2. Adjective
An opinion, idea, philosophy, or political leaning that follows the rather bland and unimaginative opinions usually offered on The One Show. Examples of 'One Show thinking' are the ideas that cuts in government spending are bad, more money should be spent on health and education, rich people should be taxed more, drugs are bad, women are discriminated against, bankers are evil etc.

Note that 'One Show opinions' aren't necessarily wrong as such. They just usually demonstrate, at best, a rudimentary understanding of the subject at hand, reducing complex issues to crude generalisations and sound bites and/or using widely believed misinformation to come to conclusions that are erroneous, over-simplistic or impractical.
That idea is completely One Show
by PiemasterUK April 14, 2011
A casual mention of Facebook slipped into a conversation in the hope that the person you are talking to will link you to their Facebook page. This can either be to find out more about them, see what they look like (when talking online), or simply just to add to your friend tally.
"I've been talking to a girl online who seems realy nice, but I don't know what she looks like. How can I ask her for a picture without seeming sleazy?"
"Why don't you try Facebaiting?"
by PiemasterUK February 03, 2010
An area in the City of London that exists roughly around the train stations of Barbican, Farringdon and Moorgate. Newcomers to London, and often residents of the city as well, can easily get lost in the labyrinth of confusing road layouts, dead ends and multi-level streets. It is rumoured that a school day-trip from High Wycombe entered the Barringate Triangle in 1998 and never returned.
Sorry I'm late, I tried to take a short cut and got lost in the Barringate Triangle.
by PiemasterUK February 18, 2013

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