when you go on a tanning bed and you dont have a boner so when you get a boner it will be striped like a zebra
zigler got a zebra the other day!
by jonatron zigler January 14, 2010
An obscure illness, disease or condition affecting a comparatively small number of people, but with symptoms somewhat similar to one or more different and more common illnesses.

It is named because these diseases/conditions are sometimes misdiagnosed by well meaning (but often inexperienced) doctors when something far more common is actually the cause. Medical students are told "remember, if you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras".
Doctor 1 - "I think this patient may have Castleman's disease"
Doctor 2 - "Castleman's disease is a zebra, there are far more likely causes of his fever and weight loss."
by PiemasterUK December 08, 2010
When a chick was fat, she slims down
Leaving Stretch marks... reminding of Zebras stripes
That Girl is a Zebra...
by Kriix April 16, 2009
a referee(from the striped shirt worn by referees on the field)
That Zebra thinks he sees everything.
by Light Joker October 04, 2005
THE most legit animal on planet Earth, Mars, and Jupiter.
Holy shit, did you see that zebra? Hella legit!
by babbbbaay13 January 05, 2010
Zebra is a woman who is free spirited and can not be tamed. They can be the most loving that you will ever meet but if you attemt to put a saddle on them they will run away
So im dating this girl....I really like her but im taking it slow because shes a zebra
by BIGGDAD September 13, 2009
When you are having sex doggie-style with a black girl, and you cum on her back in stripes, making her look like a zebra.
Hey Steve guess what!" "What?" "I just zebra'd on Rhianna.
by mrfairyuniverse July 24, 2011
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