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an extremely hott male that looks fabulous
"OMG, did you see that guy?!"
"hmm he was a zebra"
by TG&CI November 24, 2007
old school slang term for police cars...black and whites.
hide the dope, here comes the zebras
by drunk trophy February 10, 2007
A polite way of talking about one's breasts.
"Look at that fine lady with those gigantic things in the ze-bra!"
by Sarah to peeps July 21, 2005
to make ones usually poo black stained arsehole turn white via a combination of stretching techniques and a form of prostaglandin solution (sperm)

- to have anal intercourse with someone
hell yeah, I would totally zebra that!
by Dr. anal-yser September 15, 2008
when a woman is having a baby, she poops on the table, and the baby slides out on the poop creating a stripe going down their back
(nurse): "Oh no Doctor, we have a zebra on our hands!"
by Shimbot June 03, 2007
Having sex with black and white women simultaneously.
let's cross... It's green!
by hytham_hammer July 12, 2005
black and white, black and white, black and white
whats black and white, black and white, black and white? A Zebra
by Meeps the Moniquah Lover February 07, 2005