Zebra is dip drunk. Brew is to drunk as dip is to Zebra.
Hey. Look at Joe he is so Zebra.
Ya, he’s striate fucked.
by Jo Packets June 08, 2009
1. A woman (the prey) who gets slipped a drugged drink (by the predator) and is either raped or sexually harassed. A target of an attack.

When an actual zebra is preyed on, none of the other zebras in the group help the distressed animal. So the one zebra is left alone to be preyed on by the lions.
"Now Jenny, Don't be a zebra tonight..."
by MC Samtastic November 06, 2008
A polite way of talking about one's breasts.
"Look at that fine lady with those gigantic things in the ze-bra!"
by Sarah to peeps July 21, 2005
to make ones usually poo black stained arsehole turn white via a combination of stretching techniques and a form of prostaglandin solution (sperm)

- to have anal intercourse with someone
hell yeah, I would totally zebra that!
by Dr. anal-yser September 15, 2008
when a woman is having a baby, she poops on the table, and the baby slides out on the poop creating a stripe going down their back
(nurse): "Oh no Doctor, we have a zebra on our hands!"
by Shimbot June 03, 2007
Having sex with black and white women simultaneously.
let's cross... It's green!
by hytham_hammer July 12, 2005
black and white, black and white, black and white
whats black and white, black and white, black and white? A Zebra
by Meeps the Moniquah Lover February 07, 2005

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