the black version of "hey"
Yo are you going to the club tonight?
by chaferbud January 21, 2012
A person who wears a flex-fit or snapback with a flat brim backwards and who uses the phrases:
"imma gunna do..."
"w'imma do"
"yo wut up"
A person who thinks they are cool by the teenager on the street status or thinks they "bad-ass" or "gangsta"
"Yo! tevyn here's w'imma do. iight?? so we gunna jack this ride, right, then we gunna roll up in the parking lot nex to Wendy's and we gunna steal some of them burgers. iight?? got the plan?? iight We be out. imma see you later homies"

this is what a convo between yos trying to jack a ride^^^
by brabbitthe carter December 13, 2011
Semi-literate, pseudo-gangsta, suburban teens and early 20-somethings (mostly but not entirely white) who enjoy spending weekend evenings in urban neighborhoods as a pack pretending to be urban black youths. So-called because of their tendency to use urban slang that was current a decade or more ago. Generally seen wearing sports gear two sizes too large for them.
What's most refreshing about the bar scene on 11th Street is the complete absence of the yo contingent.
by YoLaTengo July 03, 2011
a way to get someones attention
hi hello
yo whats up
by shakia walker March 10, 2008
1.)a word meaning hi, hello, wats up
2.)a word replacing your
3.)the urband way(or gagsta way) of saying hello
1.)kid 1:yo
kid 2:hey, not much u?
2.)yo mamma is so fat…
gangsta 2:yo homes wat u been doin i havent seen u round the way.
means hello or is used to introduce what's going to be said next in the ghetto language, and varies on the tone it is said. It is highly popularized by today's rappers, but has spread to a variety of people.
1. Yo i'm gonna pop a cap in that guy's ass
2. Yo did you see the rack on his beau
3. Yo im out 'ight
by mandiXrawr January 01, 2007
Used as a greeting or to attract someone's attention
Yo, suck this dick girl
by blahblah March 16, 2004
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