1) To refer to someone informally

2) An exclamation to get attention
What's up yo?

Yo, yo... Check this shit out.
by Andy November 03, 2002
a cool way to express to a stranger.
yo people wadup!
#yo #cool #greetings #holla #momma #hey
by XdarK971 July 07, 2009
1. The way Philadelphians say hi.
2. A word used by non-Philadelphians who think they are cool when they are pretending to be gangsta.
3. Half of Yo yo ma's first name.
1.yo homie, wanna grab a cheesesteak?
2. yo yo yo why ya hatin' on me? yo!
3. YO yo ma plays a cello.
#yo #philadelphia #awesome #amazing #brother #cheesesteak
by TacyLing March 26, 2009
An exclamation of disgust or shock particularly when something gross is discovered or being talked about. Said much with the same emphasis "Dude" would be given in similar situations.
Upon discovering your parents having sex... "Yo!"

A friend tells you about the hair she found in her Pad Thai... "Yo!"

#dude #gross #yuck #right-on #oh-nahhuh
by Loni Kate May 08, 2008
when you hit an 11 on the craps table.
craps dealer "shooter rolls a yo."
#yo #craps #eleven #gamble #dice #slang
by prometheuswhatthe January 29, 2008
substitution for pronouns he and she

It is only used when speaking of that person to someone else.

Originates in the Maryland,DC, and Virginia area.
"Yo said he was comin and yo still ain't here!"
by Dominique September 07, 2004

used to draw attention to an object, word or sentance, usually said by yourself.

Commenly assosiated with urban-slang. Though can be used by anyone who lives near or in a state that has a city that people five(min) states away have heard of.
Overdoing it makes you a candyass.
Yo responsably.

"Yo man, you down?"

by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
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