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A person who is part of the mafia. Not to be confused with gansta. Known to wear suits and carry guns in guitar cases.
by Thomas November 03, 2003
The Italian Mafia,The Scilian Mafia,Camora,Russian Mafia,Cali Cartel,Medellin Cartel.
The Italian Mafia are real gansters.Don't listen to those Hip Hop 50 cent pussies who think they are.
by Escobar October 03, 2003
A Person from a Gang. It's not a street Person.
The Gangster Stood by his gand waiting to do some deeds
by Anthony R. July 10, 2005
Really spelled gangster, get it right, Mr. "Pickle Ganster"
Mommy, what's a ganster?
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
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