A word said by preppy girls who actually don't understand when to use it.
I just LOVEEE puppies, yo", "Can you spare any tape, yo?", "I'm gonna call my mommy now, yo"
by It'sTrueThough May 18, 2011
slang for hello. also something people say to get your attention.
"hey." "yo."

by alibobular January 22, 2010
1) Trying to get someones attetion
2) A word black people say to each other.
3) Whits trying to be black or "cool"
4) Short for yogurt =)
1) *in a crowed hallway* YO Kevin!!!
2) Yo man * do some hand shake*
3) "Cool person":Yo homie fry biscut whats hangin'?
"his/her friend" : Do i know you?
4) I want some Yo. Please and thank you. =)
by Lily Marie October 04, 2006
A general street greeting and affirmative with convivial military ingroup and masculine bonding-ritual overtones. Like "jolly good."
We just exploded a killer compost heap! Yo!
by Terry Pratchett September 11, 2006
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