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when one person is assulted or beat up by multiple persons. this is the term in Baltimore
they banked me for my chain when i got off from work.
by charmain September 09, 2003
counted on
"i totally banked on seeing her there, but she wasnt so i didnt get to ask her to prom."
by ryelah121 May 02, 2010
a term meaning to finish a task that may have taken awhile or take on a task non stop until it is finished, due to spike of motivation.
Dude, I totally banked on that project, its not even due until the end of the semester.
by dubbz-fitty2 March 05, 2010
To deposit a passing of wind shortly before leaving the area in which it was deposited.
"Dude, we need to leave."


"I just banked a fart over by that old lady."
by Dr. Colin Benson April 25, 2012
To push someone into a snow bank in a playful manner or to be a douchebag.
Those douchebags just banked me.


Getting banked brings back such great memories.
by roadie28 November 25, 2010
If you have banked something this means you have concealed an item in your vagina or your anal pipe to hide and or smuggle without detection.
Prisoner to other prisoner,
Prisoner 1: Oi, how did you sneak that mobile phone in here?
Prisoner 2: I banked it Mate! Charger too. Got one for sale if your needing one. Brand new and boxed.
by gash pirates July 29, 2011
To kill some while aimed in one the first click of variable zoom in Black Ops
"Dude I was Playing TDM and I banked that asshole
by TheWhiteFang February 05, 2011
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