to identify someone

you use it to address someone whose name you don't know. you could also say "dude."
what's happenin, yo!
by alpha and bob December 19, 1999
yo is a term to call a person
yo was good come over here
by 4-8-09 April 29, 2009
An exclamation of disgust or shock particularly when something gross is discovered or being talked about. Said much with the same emphasis "Dude" would be given in similar situations.
Upon discovering your parents having sex... "Yo!"

A friend tells you about the hair she found in her Pad Thai... "Yo!"

by Loni Kate May 08, 2008
how white guys greet each-other
"Yo, I need some bud, yo"
by Coxinator! January 06, 2007
Another word for "Whats up?" or "Whats going down?"
Hey brian whats going on?
Yo drew... not much.
by Drewboothhatesbrianking October 13, 2006
A way to say hello between black people
YO! How you been?
YO! Fine
by Misterio001126 May 22, 2005
a referation to hello, yo is used instead of hello for reasons if your a gangster its "yo! wat up!" or if your an every day person its "hello!how are you!"
yo homies, check out the new bid on the box!!
by kathie May 01, 2005

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