The act of intimate relationships with another that is in between kissing and sexual intercourse.
Tess: We are making out and he pulled out his triple then we started to tween, but no sex.
Shauna: Yeah girl, you got the tweens!
by Shannon McStupid March 27, 2008
A child aged between 10 and 12, the definitition originally only applied to 12 year olds, but has since broadened.


Someone who is not quite a teenager.

Often watches Disney shows (Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place) and listens to Disney bands (Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana).

Can be used in a derogatory fashion, implying that someone is immature.
Ex 1:

"My sister had her tweenage friends for a sleep over last night, they stayed up listening to Hannah Montana and watching High School Musical."

Ex 2:

Girl 1: " I love (insert celebrities name here), I want to marry them and have their babies and...
Girl 2: You're such a tween.
by unseen_4 May 03, 2009
Mainly females, 9-12. They religiously believe that they are a teenager, although they are under the age of 13 (which is the true beginning of teenagerism) This is a confusing time, as they try many things and do many things.

Such as, they try to level up from small makeup things from Claire's to shopping at Sephora. They try to go to Hollister or Fitch instead of Justice or GAP. They try to level up from a plastic phone to an iPhone 6. Basically, they try to become a teen by visualizing their own stereotype of a teen.

Saying that, they do mess up in some areas by becoming drama queens, gossiping, even going as far as judging and bullying others who maybe don't do or have as much as them. The more mature ones, preteens, are fine. They stay casual, don't really fit in anywhere, don't gossip or judge, and maybe just calmly talking to someone or playing video games with a group of friends. They are kind of the odd ones, but the cools. (like me)

Tween 1: OmG, I SrSlY nEeD 2 gO 2 HoT tOpIc!!!!!!1111oneone
Tween 2: Y?
Tween 1: BeCuZ i Am Soooo EmO! I lUv 1d! tHeY r RoCk, r8?
Tween: ToTz.
Tween: YeAh, I HaVeN't eAtEn mY gUmMies 4 lyk DAYS!


Preteen 1: Hey, what did you get on your math test?
Preteen 2: I flunked, why?
Preteen 1: I got an A. Maybe I could help you study?
Preteen 2: Sure! When, though?
Preteen 1: After soccer practice tomorrow. How about that?
Preteen 2: Sure!

by risingSKY January 19, 2015
Someone between the ages 9-12. Too old to be a child and too young to be a Teenager. Even though they are little kids, they dress like a whore. They follow any trends and are obsessed with Disney bullshit. They have Facebook accounts, but they lie about their age saying they are 18 years old because they are not even 13 yet. These creatures can be found in grades 3-7. They are easy to spot on +13 websites. It's insulting to call a mature person between the ages 9-12 a Tween. Call them a preteen instead.
Tween number 1: LyKe OmG!!! R U GoInG 2 JaNeS 12Th?!!!!!11!!

Tween number 2: O yAh I Am. ImMa WeAr mUh ShOrTeSs SkIrT BeCuZz dAt HoT gUy In 7Th AsKeD mE oUt!!!!!!!! He ToLd MuH oVaR FB LYKe Omfg!!!!!!!1!!!

Teenager: Oh stop trying too hard to grow up! You are a Child! You supposed to watch Cartoons and Play outside.
by Pre-teen May 05, 2014
Idiotic 10-14 year olds that are heavily obsessed with looks and boys. They often hang out in packs and giggle inanely like schoolgirls do but more often. tHey LyK To TyPe LyK DiZ and tote around mobile phones and empty backpacks, and wear Supre or whatever the hell's in fashion at the moment. They also listen to shitty music like the Backstreet Boys, the Jonas Brothers, and parade their boyfriends around as if they're proud of them.
Tween 1: 'ThErE GoEz a ToTaLy HaWt KiD On DaT SkOoTa!'
Tween 2: 'LeTz Go aNd TlK 2 HiM!'
*kid on mobility scooter*: *runs tweens over*
by KTV484 November 26, 2013
is not even a real word.
If something is invented in an advertising executive's office, like the sounds that in the English language can sometimes be represented using the characters t-w-e-e-n or tween, it is not real; in this case not a real word.
by Burp084 August 27, 2012
A girl from the age 10-13. This is the age where they grow out of toys and get into boys and makeup. These girls often have self esteem issues and have lots of drama in their lives.
Tween 1- That girl over there is sooo lame!

Tween 2- Yah totally! She has like NO make up on!

Tween 3- You guys are so unsympathetic! I ran out of lipgloss!

Tween 2- OMG! Thats like so horrid!

*This entire conversation is over text even though they are all sitting right next to each other*
by APersonYouDontKnow22 November 23, 2011

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