Anyone "'tween" the age of eight and fifteen whom:
1. Watches Disney Channel constantly
2. MUST keep up with latest trends
3. Is/likes Miley Cyrus
4. Likes the Jonas Brothers (hint hint)
5. Constantly listens to pop
6. Drinks Red Bull because the Jonas Brothers are doing so.
Tween1: OMGzH4xz!!!11! did you get the new Jonas Brothers CD?!?!
Tween2: Totally, I got some Red Bull too!!
Both: OMGGZ IT'S JUSTIN GASTON!!!11!!!oneoneoene11@!!
by Anonymous163 December 28, 2008
A made-up age group, ranging from about 8 to early teens, used by parents to justify why they are allowing their prepubescent daughters to dress and behave like sluts.
*: "Why is your nine-year-old wearing a midriff top, low-rise jeans, and eight pounds of eyeshadow and lipstick?"

Girl's mother: (taking a long drink of boxed wine and shrugging) "Why not? She's a tween!"

*: "She also has a tramp stamp."

Girl's mother: "I believe I just said she was a tween."

*: "I think she's sexting a college student."

Girl's mother: "TWEEN!"
by wolf15668 September 01, 2013
an unfair label for any person who is between the ages of 8 and 12/13. it is an insult to be called a tween. if a person is above the age of 11 they should be refered to as"young adult" or just plain teens. most tweens are labeled as being to young for being a teen, but too old for being a kid, although they act like it. thats bull cause all they want to do is be old enough to drive a car so their parents will stop giving them a hard time. REAL TWEENS ARE THE PREPS WHO LISTEN TO POP AND LIKE PINK AND TEXT TALK MORE THAN NECCESSARY. the other 12/13 year olds who play it straight and dont really fit in anywhere are tyically the cool ones so dont mess with them.
REAL TWEEN: omg i cant wait to listen to the jonas brudas l8er!!!

Other: what the hell just leave me alone
by skyla4 December 07, 2009
Let's get this staight. TWEENS are kids who follow trends. Please see twendy Tweens are pretty much just kids between 10-13 who follow trends. Again, seeing twendy will help you get this.
Tweens made Chuck Norris shoot himself.
by The Abercrombie and Fitch Goth February 15, 2009
The act of intimate relationships with another that is in between kissing and sexual intercourse.
Tess: We are making out and he pulled out his triple then we started to tween, but no sex.
Shauna: Yeah girl, you got the tweens!
by Shannon McStupid March 27, 2008
I used to think it was a fusion between teen and weenie, but haven't seen that around anywhere else. They tend to listen to Hannah Montana and the Jonas brothers, also watch Disney all day long. Tend to begin to take on the unruly attitudes that Disney whores display to their mothers in the show. Generally 10-15.
Mum: Come on Sarah, if you do your homework I'll get you the new Jonas brothers album.

Sarah: Fuck you bitch im teleporting my hot underage ass out of here, wizards of Waverley place for the world muthafucka! viva la tweeness!
by EPICPWNERY September 01, 2010
Most people expect these 10 to 12 year old girls to be prissy and annoying.... well at some times they can be (especially at 10) but they seem to be growing out of toys and getting more into boys! (oooh! that rhymed!)
person 1: Ah, yeah see that kid over there?
person 2: you mean that tween?!
by snapcraclepop January 27, 2013

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