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1. A character in the anime/manga Inuyasha. Sango translates to 'coral'. Just like coral, she is beautiful, yet strong. She is the last of the Taijiya (demon hunters). Her main weapon is the Hiraikotsu, a bone boomerang. (She has other gadgets as well.) Her village was destroyed by Naraku. Naraku also gets control of Kohaku's body. (He is her brother.) This cruel act brings misery upon Sango whether to fight against her brother to reach Naraku. Her mission is to free Kohaku from the Naraku so he can live (or die) peacefully and avenge her village and family. She sides with Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippo and Miroku. She and Miroku develop a romance throughout the series.
Sango is an exceptionally good fighter, yet so tragic.
by Sango March 04, 2005
1. A character in the anime/manga Inuyasha. She lives in modern-day Japan. Her family lives on a shrine area. When trying to find her cat with her brother, she fell through the well and was transported hundreds of years back to the Feudal Era. Several people in the past mistake her for a preistess who has been dead for 50 years, and went by the name Kikyou. Kagome is actually the reincarnation of Kikyou. She frees a sealed half dog-demon, Inuyasha. The Shikon Jewel is restored from her body (it was burned with Kikyou's body when she died). After breaking it, she joins Inuyasha in a quest to gain the shards back. Kagome is a sweet and kind-hearted character who developes a romance with Inuyasha.
Kagome is a young schoolgirl.
by Sango March 04, 2005
1. A persocom specifically created to be the second daughter of a scientist's family. Her real name is Elda. She lost her memory after her dying older sister, Freya, also a persocom, installed her memories into her. Her parents hid her away, by a pile of garbage, hoping someone would find her. She was found by Hideki Motosuwa. When she awoken, the only thing she could say was, "Chii." And that is how she received that name.
Chii's past and memories are mysteries to Hideki.
by Sango March 04, 2005
1. (noun) An anime and manga made by Rumiko Takahashi (who is also the creator of titles such as Ranma 1/2). The plot of the anime/manga is for the characters to gather the shards of the Shikon jewel to make it whole again, and be able to grant a wish and/or give ultimate power to the demon that possess it.

2. A character in the anime/manga. He has been sealed to a tree for 50 years by Kikyou. He was freed by Kagome. After she breaks the Shikon Jewel, he and other characters search widely for them before Naraku does. Inuyasha is stubborn, strong and caring. He developes a romance with Kagome. (His previous lover was Kikyou.)
Inuyasha was a good anime/manga.

Inuyasha can be quite impulsive.
by Sango March 04, 2005
1. A character in the anime/manga Inuyasha. He is a Buddhist monk who doesn't exactly follow the Buddhist tradition. He is humorously perverted, hiddenly romantic and tragic/deep. He carries a curse carried down from his grandfather, to his father and finally to him known as the 'Air Void' or 'Kazaana'. It is a hole in his right hand that draws in anything, with wind, it is unleashed at. It was created by Naraku. He will be free of it when Naraku dies. His mission is to kill Naraku, and his loyalties are with Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango and Shippo. He also developes a romance with Sango.
Miroku is a very unfortunate person.
by Sango March 04, 2005
1. A character in the anime/manga Inuyasha. She is priestess who was Inuyasha's first lover. Her job was to protect the Shikon Jewel (also known as Shikon no Tama). Her dream was to live a simple life of a woman and no longer be a priestess. She planned to give the jewel to Inuyasha, so he could give his wish and she would no longer have to guard it, but was fatally wounded by Naraku, who was disguised as Inuyasha, also wanting the jewel for himself. She died after sealing Inuyasha to a tree, believing he was the one who killed her. Her body was burned to ashes along with the Shikon Jewel. Her soul was reincarnated into Kagome, as well as the Shikon Jewel was relocated in her body. Fifty years later, she was brought back to life by a witch, but her body was that of dirt, clay and her ashes. Since the witch didn't grant her full soul from Kagome, she relies on the souls of women to stay alive. Stubborn and vengeful, she spends the time in the series devoted to bring Inuyasha to hell with her. Her loyalties are only to herself. She is also known as Kikyo.
Kikyou was a priestess during the Feudal Era.
by Sango March 04, 2005
1. (noun) A shoujo manga created by Kouyu Shurei.

2. (noun) Creatures that 'can take on many different forms... and possess a beauty beyond compare.' They grant wishes to humans in exchange for the wisher's soul, which they eat. Consuming a soul with the power of Kusabi gives them great power. However, people with the power of the Kusabi can also destroy these creatures by merely touching their bodies when they lack a pulse. Alichino are beautiful, yet they are cunning liars. They are also known as 'The Inviters'.
Myobi is a beautiful Alichino. Who knows if she can be trusted.
by Sango March 04, 2005

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